Racing car / Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3

2015 SUPER GT SERIES GT300 Class - Its performance was stunning during the series.

During the first race in Okayama, the GT3 took the pole position, but finished at 7th due to unfavorable weather. Yet, during the second race at Fuji, the GT3s took 2nd and 3rd during the preliminary race and finished at 1st and 2nd in the final race. The third race in Thailand was the only race held abroad. They ran at full performance as in Fuji and finished 1st and 2nd consecutively for two races.
The 5th race was the traditional Suzuka 1,000 km. They finished 2nd during the preliminary race and finished 1st in the final race, proving its speed and reliability, exceeding the specifications of European GT3s.
The 7th race was at Autopolis. The cars finished at 1st and 2nd three times. The GT-R became the Series Champion even before the final race, again strongly demonstrating its competence.