NISMO 400R Main Specs
  NISMO 400R R33 (GT-R)
standard model
400R difference
1 Overall length 4,675mm 4,675mm  
Overall width 1,830mm 1,780mm Extension of 50mm because of overfender
Overall height 1,330mm 1,360mm Improvement in stability and controllability through improved position
Wheelbase 2,720mm 2,720mm  
Tread FR 1,500mm 1,480mm Change of wheel offset:
30mm to 20mm
RR 1,510mm 1,490mm  
Vehicle height reduction 30mm   Improvement in stability and controllability through improved position
Minimum ground clearance 105mm 135mm  
Vehicle weight 1,550kg 1,540kg  
2 Engine RB-X GT2 RB26DETT Increased displacement, improvement of RB26
Type/cylinder count Water-cooled, inline 6-cylinder DOHC Water-cooled, inline 6-cylinder DOHC  
Cylinder Internal diameter x travel 87.0 x 77.7 86.0 x 73.7  
Displacement 2,771cc 2,568cc  
Pressure ratio 8.5 8.5  
Max. output 400/6800ps/rpm 280/6800ps/rpm  
Max. torque 47.8/4400kg-m/rpm 36.0/4500kg-m/rpm Ease of handling through increased low-speed torque
Boost pressure 1.1kg/• 0.6kg/•  
Power-weight ratio 3,88kg/ps 5.50kg/ps  
3 Head gasket NISMO metal gasket,
Ø87, 1.2mm
Graphite, 1.2mm Increased strength to handle larger bore
Camshaft Standard Standard  
  Operating angle 60-60 60-60  
Valve spring Standard Standard  
Oil cooler Air-cooled oil cooer Water-cooled oil cooker Improved cooling efficiency
Oil pump Standard sintered gear Standard sintered gear  
4 Turbocharger N1 spec metal turbine and reinforced actuator R33 GT-R standard unit  
Intercooler NISMO high-strength, option Standard (in front of radiator) Increased cooling performance by increase of intercooler size
Catalyst Low-pressure, high-efficiency, intake/exhaust diameter Ø80 Standard Engine output improved, exhaust efficiency improved
Exhaust muffler *400R-exclusive titanium,
Ø60 dual
Standard Pleasing exhaust sound, increased performance, reduced weight
5 ECCS *400R-exclusive computer R33 GT-R standard Provides control of high-performance engine
  Pressure regulators Standard Standard  
Fuel pump Standard Standard  
6 Clutch NISMO 8.5-inch pull-type twin plate, lightweight chromoly flywheel Ø 250pull-type single plate Provides ease of operation of increased transmission forces resulting from torque, along with light peddle pressure
7 Transmission FS5R30A-standard FS5R30A-standard  
  L.S.D. A-LSD A-LSD  
Driveshaft *400R-exlcusive carbon Standard Weight reduction
8 Brakes Standard (Brembo) Standard (Brembo)  
Master cylinder stopper NISMO original Standard Provides rigid pedal feel
Brake pads NISMO original (Type 2) Standard Cover everything from street to sport driving
9 Suspension NISMO stationary shock absorbers Standard stationary shock absorbers Bilstein
Springs NISMO original “Type D” Standard FR: 7K, RR: 8K
Engine mount Includes reinforced mount Standard Reinforced to handle increased engine torque
Bushings, insulators Includes reinforced bushings Standard Provides direct handling
10 Wheels 10JJ 18 9JJ 17 18-inch, 3-piece forged wheels
Tires 275/35-18 245/45R17 High-performance tires
11 Exterior Aero parts NISMO Original aero Standard Improved aerodynamic force efficiency, cooling ability
Front bumper Standard Designed for air-cooled oil cooler
Front grille, front lip, side step Standard Sharp design and improved cooling performance
Rear bumper, spoiler Standard Improved aerodynamic force efficiency, greater sense of stability
Hood *400R-exclusive type Standard Improvement of cooling efficiency
Over-fender *400R-exclusive Standard Each side 25mm
Tower bar Titanium construction Standard Extra-reinforced design
Ornament *400R-exclusive Standard *400R-exclusive ornament, badge
Rocker cover *400R-exclusive Standard Reinforced during NISMO tuning
Interior Meter panel *400R-exclusive
Standard NISMO combination meter with NISMO logo (black)
Seats Embroidered with NISMO name Standard Provides that extra sense of “NISMO”
Rear seat *400R-exclusive
Rear cover change
Standard Black
Headliner *Color to match seats Standard Black
12 Headlight system *H.I.D. lighting system Standard Improved safety during nighttime driving (option)