47OILOIL FILTEREXTERIORCOOLINGCLUTCHMISSIONLSDLINKBUSHBRAKEWHEELENGINEPARTSSUSPENSIONEXHAUSTNISMOHERITAGEINTERIORSpecifications・SAE粘度:75W140・ベースオイル:エステル配合100%化学合成油・適合規格:API GL-5相当指定オイルについて本オイルは、NISMO GT L.S.D.シリーズの指定オイルとなります。商品に関するご注意●本オイルは競技など高負荷走行下での使用を前提として開発されているため、ご使用にあたっては下記2点について、あらかじめご了承ください。①本オイルは、NISSAN GT-R(R35)を除き、日産自動車(株)の車両保証は適用されません。②本オイルをご使用の際は、必ず3,000kmごとにオイル交換をしてください。●本オイルは輸入品につき「オイル漏れ」以外のオイル缶の小さな凹み、スリキズなどに関するクレームはお受けする事ができません。あらかじめご了承ください。一般走行使用時における交換管理の目安●競技など高負荷走行下での使用を前提に必ず3,000kmごとにオイル交換するよう指定しておりますが、日産自動車(株)が行うオイル単体試験項目を全てクリアしていますので、旧VERUSPEED LSD OIL以上の品質を有しています。一般走行使用時における交換管理の目安として下さい。Original development concept・Type 2189E (75W140) delivers the same dynamic viscosity as a 190 grade oil while providing a base grade of 75W. It is an ester compound, 100% synthetic oil, with outstanding low temperature properties.・An oil with a viscosity (or hyper-viscosity) of 190 has greater resistance to stirring and this raises oil temperatures. But at the same time, without hyper-viscosity, the maintaining of film strength at high temperatures is impossible.・The basic development concept for Type 2189E (75W190) Competition Motor Oil was to keep the enefits of hyperviscosity while seeking to diminish resistance to stirring.・How about a 250 grade oil?Generally, 250 grade oil achieves hyper-viscosity through the use of additives. Once it is run at high temperatures exceeding 150°C, this viscosity will decrease. After the first temperature peak and cool-down, its actual dynamic viscosity will have fallen to a 140 grade and continue to be so. This is why NISMO and MOTUL chose not to use 250 grade oil.Superior dynamic viscosity・Because this oil's internal friction does not vary greatly with changes in temperature, LSD operation will remain stable. Even when racing, the driver should feel no change in performance. 75W140 Competition Oil has also shown excellent plate anti-judder properties.・Performance at a NISSAN GT-R(R35) road test carried out by NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd on the Nurburgring track clearly demonstrated the stabilizing effect of 75W140 Competition Oil on LSD operation. Drivers reported specifically that "the chattering of the LSD was reduced".・From the outset of their development of Competition Motor Oils, including the original Veruspeed LSD Oil (no longer marketed), NISMO and MOTUL have run both test course and racing circuit tests on theirNISSAN GT-R(R35)純正油脂・Type 2189E(75W140)はNISSAN GT-R(R35)12年モデルから日産自動車純正デフオイルとして採用されています。また、2012年モデル以前の車両には、車両保証適用デフオイルとしてオプション設定されておりますので、NISSAN GT-R(R35)での使用に限り日産自動車(株)の車両保証が適用されます。・ご使用の際には、スポーツ走行3,000kmごと、一般走行10,000kmごとに交換してください。samples, using current benchmark oils as controls. In order to check forstick-slip chattering, sample oils were brought up to 150°C where their lubrication properties are lost. 1・NISMO and MOTUL have modeled their evaluation tests to recreate every aspect of the high-load environment in which the oil will be used. In one test series, lubricant testing equipment borrowed from the iron manufacturing business was used to evaluate lubrication properties at temperatures up to 230°C. This extreme testing method opened the way to achieving greater stability for dynamic viscosity (μ). Not only were development targets reached but a rich fund of information for future development was accumulated. 2・Starting with 100% synthetic oil, MOTUL uses its know-how in mixing esters and nitrogen additives. The result is an oil whose viscosity rivals 190 grade oil while retaining excellent flow at cold-start. Its dynamic viscosity is superlative for stable performance.1 Testing follows NISMO standards2 Oil temperatures are brought up to approximately 200°C in actual vehicle testing, but automotive lubricating oil bench tests in the laboratory do not measure temperatures above 150°C.・For Type 2189E (75W140), tests were done both with new oil and with used, deteriorated oil. For all other oils, the tests were executed with fresh oil only.Genuine oil for the Nissan GT-R(R35)・Type 2189E (75W140) is appointed as NISSAN genuine differential oil for the NISSAN GT-R (R35) 2012 and the later model. Besides, since this oil is specified as a vehicle warranty applicable differential oil for the models before 2012, NISSAN MOTOR’s vehicle warranty is applied for the use for NISSAN GT-R (R35). ・Please change your motor oil after 3,000 kilometers of high performance driving or 10,000 kilometers of normal road use. 基本性状動粘度(mm2/s)@40°C199.7@100°C29.7粘度指数189流動点(°C)-48以下密度(g/cm3)0.876

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