Insertion of NISMO reinforced rubber bushing into Genuine partThe NISMO suspension link is a Nissan Genuine suspension link into which a NISMO reinforced rubber bushing has been pressure fitted.Rubber type BushRubber bush leverages deflection in the same direction as the car's actual traction. Because NISMO Reinforced Rubber Bushes provide a maximum level of deflection without restricting suspension motion, you get a linear drive.All-purpose Control PerformanceNISMO Reinforced Rubber Bush's ability to deliver optimal deflection leaves room for moderate adjustments to alignment while driving. These bushes work with the suspension to get high performance on every road surface your car takes on, from dry to extremely wet.* Suspension movement itself is restricted with pillow-type units. This can result in greater sensitivity to rises and gaps in the road and thereby effect your control of the vehicle.Light Weight and High RigidityNISMO suspension links are made from the same material as genuine NISSAN suspensions. The angular cross section of the NISSAN suspension link, despite its thin wall, has excellent stretch, twist and fatigue resistance. It is both light weight and tremendously rigid. This makes the NISMO suspension link kit quite different from a pillow suspension link with heavy spring bottom weight. Greater rigidity means longer life*1. In fact, for normal street driving, we can say that “Replacement is not required”.*1 The Rubber bushes will need to be replaced and renewed.Maintenance FreeThe use of rubber bush eliminates the necessity for troublesome cleaning and maintenance of the underside of the car.* Pillow-type suspensions require regular inspection. NISMO Circuit Link SetThe NISMO Circuit Link Set was created to further upgrade driving performance. It is a front suspension link set designed to bring out the Skyline's highest cornering potential. In particular, through a redesign of the part's structural positioning and an alteration in the effective length of the links, the front suspension geometry (moving to high caster and negative camber) has been optimized. This improves tire contact during high-speed cornering and sharpens steering response when met with higher cornering forces. The NISMO Circuit Link Set helps cut the tendency to understeer in circuit driving.Circuit Link Pro - the ultimate setNISMO has combined the NISMO Circuit Link Set, the Tension Rod Set Pro and the Rear Upper Link Set Pro to make the Circuit Link Pro, an ultimate in high-speed cornering specifications. Developed for the NISMO R34 GT-R Z-tune, it builds on the front-use NISMO Circuit Link by adding a correction to the rear camber that secures rear traction. Engine power is effectively transmitted to the road and that helps improve cornering speed.Features of the NISMO Suspension Link SeriesSuspension Link / サスペンションリンク一式(写真はS14用)201LSDEXTERIORCOOLINGBRAKEWHEELENGINEPARTSNISMOHERITAGEOILOIL FILTERINTERIOREXHAUSTCLUTCHMISSIONLINKBUSHSUSPENSION

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