123Allowable dynamic friction torque measured at 84 kgf・m (static friction: 143 kgf・m) Can handle an estimated power of 670 psThis multi-plate clutch system takes the “ease of use” and “high power handling” fortes of COPPERMIX to the next level.・Numerical values are NISMO measurement values standardized using a pushtype clutch combined with an RB26DETT engine. Evaluations were based on street and circuit driving. No quarter-mile evaluation was made.Center hubUsing a center hub increases the engagement surface between theclutch disc and the serrated section of the transmission's input shaft. This lowers the overall pressure on individual splines. It reduces wear to the input shaft and prevents disengagement problems. Having a center hub also makes installation easier than for single clutches by eliminating the risk of damaging the splines or misaligning the 2 discs during clutch assembly.Lightweight FlywheelThe ideal weight for maximum torque was obtaine by using a lightweight flywheel manufactured from specially crafted chromemo-lybdenum high carbon steel.Aluminum cover The flywheel is provided with a special aluminum cover with exceptional heat-radiating properties.Center plate with special dual-role strap functionalityThe center plate is equipped with a strap function*1 that also prevents any problems with disengagement.*1 This mechanism leverages the reaction force accumulated by the strap plate to cause the pressure plate to constantly move away from the disc. It is employed as a standard part in manual transmissions and is installed in all production vehicles.SPECIAL COMPETITION MODELFor high power users we have developed a special SUPER COPPERMIX TWIN as our RACE COMPETITION MODEL.EXTERIORCOOLINGLSDLINKBUSHBRAKEWHEELENGINEPARTSSUSPENSIONNISMOHERITAGEOILOIL FILTERINTERIORCLUTCHMISSIONEXHAUST

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