380RS Chassis A body and chassis for racing

Version NISMO: created with the structure to mount the 3.8-liter engine

The Version NISMO’s aerodynamic and chassis performance was planned from the initial stages of development for the use of the 3.8-liter engine. Thus the Version NISMO and 380RS were planned and developed as part of a single, consistent Version NISMO Series. Driving the 380RS, you once again recognize the performance of the Version NISMO. Because it’s NISMO, you can sense the high level of accomplishment and quality, and the fun driving feeling and excellent handling.

Rigid body
Yamaha performance dampers (front and rear)
Suspension (springs, shock absorbers, stabilizers)
Piston brakes with Brembo 4-wheel bench-rated disc brakes and Brembo 4-wheel aluminum calipers
Potenza RE-01R tires and Rays forged aluminum wheels
Large-diameter sport muffler
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