December 4, 2020

Skyline GT-R (R 32, R 33, R 34) restoration business starts "NISMO restored car"

Skyline GT-R (R 32, R 33, R 34) restoration business starts NISMO restored car

Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama; President: Takao Katagiri; hereinafter referred to as "Nismo") will start restorations of the Skyline GT-R, with the high added value, quality and standards-based performance unique to Nismo.

Since November 2017, Nismo has been implementing "NISMO Heritage" as a joint project with Nissan Motor Corporation, reissuing and selling genuine parts whose manufacture has been discontinued. While advancing those activities, we have defined anew "the restored cars Nismo envisages" based on the car manufacturing knowhow that supports Nismo's racing activities with the Skyline GT-R, as well as the maintenance and tuning knowledge and technology that we have provided at our directly managed store, and launched a service under the name "NISMO restored car." At Nismo's directly managed store, we sell complete cars and restore cars that are brought in.

Taking advantage of our direct relationship with Nissan, we believe that the standards of "NISMO restored car," the new restoration work that we are proposing and which raises "the visualization of performance" and "getting close to new car level performance," will lead to us leaving Japanese cars including the Skyline GT-R, which has started to obtain new value globally, to future generations in better condition.

Also, aimed at having this new activity understood by more people, we will introduce and exhibit the prototype of the NISMO restored car, produced based on a BNR32, at BH Auction Japan Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; representative: Shinji Takei) from spring 2021.

The restoration work defined by Nismo "Visualization of performance as the results of restoration"

Skyline GT-R (R 32, R 33, R 34) restoration business starts NISMO restored car

Moving beyond the general idea and method of restoration of making the car look good visually, we will carry out restoration under the new concept of "restoring cars in a form that visualizes performance" in all areas. Our body restoration work, in particular, is on a level achievable only by Nismo based on the standard values. The performance of each part is also confirmed by quantifying everything in accordance with the inspection and measurement standards established by Nissan Motor. In addition, we also record and present the history of continuation, replacement (including part numbers), inspections, recoating, etc., of all of the parts that constitute one vehicle.

1. Body:

Based on Nismo standards, which are based on Nissan Motor's track record, we carry out repairs including "body-in-white torsional stiffness measurement" and "body dimension measurement" and confirm overall performance maintaining a good balance with corrected deterioration values. After deteriorated sealing is reapplied, we repaint the whole body in the color requested. (Optional: Electrodeposited coating, melting sheet replacement)

2. Engine:

After the engine is fully disassembled for overhaul and balancing, benchtop performance measurements and lapping are performed to confirm that performance is at the new car level. (Optional: Upgrade to Nismo tuning specifications)

Drive system - operation check, inspection, disassembly and cleaning, overhaul, and replacement and painting of deteriorated parts

Braking system - (Optional: Additional replacement of parts in requested places)

3. Interior:

(Optional: Using the surface of NISSAN GT-R (R 35), totally coordinated replacement of interior. Painting repair of plastic parts)

Electrical system - Conduction and operation check, inspection, and replacement of deteriorated parts.

4. Completion inspection:

After performance measurement on a chassis dynamometer, we implement a final check of performance in test driving by a Nismo test driver or professional driver.

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