Privacy Policy


Nissan Motorsports International Co .,Ltd. (NISMO) recognizes the extreme importance of protecting our customers’ privacy.
We have established the following privacy policy regarding the personal information provided through the NISMO website (

1.Establishment of a personal information protection system

To ensure that our executives and employees are fully cognizant of the importance of protecting personal information, an appropriate protection system has been established.

2.Collection, use and sharing of personal information

A set of rules and regulations covering the company’s collection, use and sharing of personal information has been established, so that this personal information is always used in an appropriate manner.

3.Enactment of security measures

To ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, security measures have been put in place to cover all personal information, including that previously collected, to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, and to ensure that there is no loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure of this information.

4.Respect for information owner

To respect the individual’s rights as the owner of their own information, regulations have been enacted regarding the information voluntarily disclosed by the individual, the right to make corrections or deletions, and the right to refuse the use or disclosure of information.

5.Legal compliance

NISMO pledges to remain in full compliance with all laws and standards regarding the use and protection of personal information.

6.Contact hotline established

An official contact telephone service has been established for individuals with inquiries about personal information. For questions regarding the use of personal information, please contact the telephone number below:

Customer Relations Office

Business hours: Weekdays, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tel: Toll-free 0120-846-423 (For Japan domestic call only)

NISMO follows contents mentioned in the Japanese site.