Base Model Skyline GT-R (BNR34) V-spec (used)
Body Color Z-tune Silver (KY0), special color for R34GT-R Z-tune only.
Engine Model RB26DETT Modified spec, "Z2" (Z-tune concept engine spec.2)
Engine Type Water-cooling in-line 6 cylinder DOHC
Bore & Stroke 87mm x 77.7mm
Compression Ratio 8.5 : 1
Displacement 2,771 cc
Max Power over 368 kw (500ps)
Max Torque over 540N.m (55kg.m)
Weight 1,600 kg

ENGINE CYLINDER HEAD Camshaft (Z-tune Exclusive)
Metal Head Gasket
Special Combustion Chamber shape & Volume Adjustment
Enlarged Port & Grind machining
Special Relief Machining on camshaft
Exclusive Rocker cover with Z-tune special color.
CYLINDER BLOCK GT Engine Block (Strength & Rigidity Uprated)
Forged Piston (Z-tune exclusive)
GT Crank Shaft (Forged + Fillet Roll Machining)
GT Connecting Rod spec 2 ( I Shaped, SNCM Material )
Oil Pan Baffle Plate
Engine Components GT Collector Tank (special shape)
Turbo Charger (made by IHI, Exclusive for Z-tune)
Exhaust Outlet (special shape)
Exhaust Manifold specially machined to remove gap & stiffener processing.
Cooling Twin Oil Cooler (exclusive for Z-tune)
Aluminum Radiator (Cooling performance upgraded)
Intercooler (Cooling performance upgraded)
Intercooler piping
Fueling High-Flow Fuel Injector
High-Flow Fuel Pump
Engine Control ECM (exclusive for Z-tune)
Exhaust WELDINA NE-1 Titanium (Fr tube is stainless steel)
Body Shell Door Surrounding Extra Spot Welding
Others Hood Ridge Reinforcement on Front Strut Upper part
CFRP Reinforcement at Center Tunnel etc.
Suspension Shocks & Springs Damp Force Adjustable in 3 variations. Ride-Height Adjustable, SACHS Suspension basis, exclusive for Z-tune
Stabilizer Bars Spring Constant Upgraded
Bushings Less Friction Hard Rubber Bushings
Wheel LM GT4 GT500 Model Black Color 18 x 9.5J (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Tire Bridgestone POTENZA RE01R (265/35-18)
Powertrain Clutch Twinplate Clutch (COPPERMIX TWIN)
Differentials Front: Mechanical L.S.D.
Rear: Active L.S.D. * Final Gear Ratio: 3.545
ETC Control Unit (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Propeller Shaft Carbon Fiber Propeller Shaft (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Brakes Rotor & Caliper Front: 365mm dia, 2-piece, Ventilated Disc + Mono-block 6 piston Caliper
Rear: 355mm dia, 1-piece, Ventilated Disc + Forged 4 Piston Caliper
Brake Pad & Hose Z-tune Special Brake Pad + Stainless Steel Meshed Hose
Exterior Front Bumper New Design Type CFRP (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Front Under Panel CFRP (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Front Fender CFRP Blister Fender (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Side Skirt ABS Resin
Rear Spoiler Flap CFRP
Interior Steering Wheel Air-Bag Type
Seat Uprated Trim (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Door Trim Uprated Trim (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Speedometer 320km Display, White Background
MFD Version II Type

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